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  • F-602 F-602
    2500-9000k monitor screen light bar
    with universal clip for laptop

  • Vlog kit Vlog kit
    fill light with microphone & tripod

  • F-601A F-601A
    2021 Design Ring Light with Clip & Tripod
    5 inch 5 Color Modes Ring Light 
  • F-500KT F-500KT

    Fill light with Metal Tripod

    with 5 color filters

  • F-500KS F-500KS
    RGB Fill Light for Video Conferencing 
    Fill Light with Tripod Stand

  • F-400KT F-400KT

    Led Fill Light with 4 color filters

    Use for live streaming & photography

  • F-400KS F-400KS

    Video Led Light with Color Filters


  • F-5G F-5G

    Five Head LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants

    50W,80PCS Leds,9 Brightness Remote

  • F-4G F-4G
    Four Head Led Grow Light 
    40W,80pcs Leds,Timing Dimming
  • F-3G F-3G

    Led Plant Grow Light for Indoor Plants

    30W ,60PCS Leds,9 Brightness Remote

  • F-2G F-2G

    Two head grow light

    20w ,usb power supply 

  • F-533 F-533
    10inch ring light with
    135cm tripod stand